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In this inaugural episode for Walk The Talk series, Hoong Ling speak to Carol Yip, the Founder and CEO of Abacus For Money and The Abacus Academy.

In addition to Carol’s profession as Certified Financial Planner, she holds a Masters in Counselling (Psychology) with intention of specializing in financial counseling as a qualified Financial Counselor. This is because Carol has a mission of helping people to unleash their life from emotional and financial distress, live a meaningful and purposeful life.

Carol says: “For most of us, money and our feelings towards money are not static, but fluid, dynamic and intense. We know so little about why we experience these emotions towards money and the effects they have on our very existence. Not only do we have a physical self, an emotional self and a social self, but we also have a money self.”

Carol has written four books and has a column on financial matters in The Star. Apart from that, she volunteers at DeafMoolah, an organisation she started to share her financial knowledge to the underprivileged. That’s what “Walk the Talk” is all about.

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