Introducing Turning Green – metaphorically

What is Turning Green? Is it being a Green activist? Here Chris Tan the Green Sugar Merchant share his insights in bite size.


The Ideal of Green Sugar Merchant

Traditional services have now become a commodity liking EC0-232
the service provider to a sugar merchant.

As a professional service provider, I adore the life of the “Green Sugar Merchant™”! Not only have we sold sugar but GREEN sugar in fact.

Being Green Sugar Merchant means

  • Having a high energy level as we try harder and being willing to invest time to go the extra miles (We pursue further when everyone else has stopped).
  • Having fresh ideas and a willingness to test the limits instead of relying on past precedents and current norms (as most of the time we don’t have any; and most of the time people are looking at us from the way the world is and not what the world is going to be – we are of course more interested in the latter).
  • Being flexible – ready

    to adapt to enable a common solution.

  • Being receptive to new ideas and technologies; take it on and do it!
  • Being new age! Do not go into a battle in the classic manner used by the experienced and tested by time (You will never win if you have started late.)
  • Focusing and triumphing on the “Greenfields” as these 1Z1-520 new frontiers are level-paying grounds for both the new and the old, and chances are the new shall prevail over the old with less of an historical burden. Design your battlefield before starting a fight.
  • Being environmentally friendly – we believe in Solutions; NOT papers (or unnecessary red tape that suck the daylight out of everything!)