Miracle Healing or Quantum Miracle

John Wong

In December 2004, at the peak of his career, John was struck down by a mysterious illness. He suffered total paralysis from the neck down, organs malfunction and near total blindness due to extensive nerve and axonal damage. Some of his internal organs were badly affected and malfunctioned for a period of time. Medically speaking, nerves cannot recover and re-grow by themselves once the axonal core is severely damaged. Despite undergoing numerous tests, the doctors were unable to diagnose with certainty the cause of this illness. He was coined a Medical Mystery by many.

Physicians, therapists, social workers and friends did not believe he could go back to stressful corporate life. Nobody believed that he will ever recover enough to walk, see, work and drive again. Not only did he return back to hectic corporate management life in business sector, he also further managed a team of scientists and later contributed few companies’ growth in folds. Now he is an entrepreneur and health coach. What happened? John was using his scientific knowledge and bit by bit discovered 5 scientifically studied and proven keys in life to regenerate his body to battle his own incurable medical condition. Not only did he recovered and help others to do so, he later realised that this specific rejuvenation process has also helped him to achieve peak performance in his career, health and life overall.

With a background in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology,and trained in Bio-Analytical Chemistry for Mass Spectrometry and Bio-Safety in USA, John Wongcw is a scientific professional with a distinguished career in the life sciences industry. He is also a USA-certified NLP Practitioner and Master Mentor of Universal Character Profiling in Numeric Energetics, he is currently pursuing his PhD in Metaphysics Sciences.

Here is a video showing his miraculous recovery:

For more information: http://www.transcendentalconnection.com