Obese to Ooh La La

How many of us has always felt fat and could do nothing about it? That we are always stuck in that vicious cycle of guilt, pain that leads to binge eating.


In this interview, we speak to Faizal Ariff Abdullah who has been obese (in fact, Obese level 2!) all his life, weighing in excess of  3 digits and having a waistline of 52 inches; Faizal has constantly battled the vicious cycle which most people who are overweight get into.



He finally turned that around, create a new life for himself and started losing the pounds; eventually developing a passion for the fitness industry. He immersed himself into the fitness industry and has now become a fit, healthy fitness instructor and lead master trainer for the pioneering outdoor fitness program, Original Bootcamp Malaysia.

Now he inspires people to improves their way of life and their health, overcome their fears. He shares his secrets and some pointers to how he managed to lose those pounds & inches but more importantly how he maintained his passion and drive to achieve his goals.

From a man who constantly had his buttocks stuck in chairs to a trainer who leads recruits to achieve their fitness goals.