Positive Parenting

In this inaugural edition for our Positive Parenting segment, we are pleased to speak to Mr. Job Ng who in his own words, a single father of 3 boys, basketball coach and was able to bring them to championship level. Job, a divorcee and now single parents to 3 teenage boys will share his life’s story and how he has overcome the odds to be a loving father, dedicated coach and provider for his family. We will also talk about the different methods in which Job used to cope without the many pressures of single parenthood and its many challenges.

In addition, Job with his immense experience as a basketball coach will also share with all parents out there on how to choose a good sports program for your kids and how to behave and act as a parent to sporting kids.

This interview serves as a vivid reminder and inspiration to all single parents out there that not all is lost or sacrificed as a single parent and that you can be a wonderful parent to your kids no matter the circumstances.