Yoga and the Art of Union

What is your perception towards Yoga? Here is a sharing from Bridget…

“Love is the basis of Bliss”

Voiced by Preeya Selvarajah
Production of CAD Music


Bridget is a speaker and a counsellor on topics relating to self-improvement, Positive Thinking, Stress Management and others, to various private and public institutions, namely MARA, SIRIM, IMR, FELDA, Alliance, MPH, Borders, University of Malaya, Bank Negara Malaysia, NST In-Education, Accountants’ and Lawyers’ Conferences, Intan, MIM, IMM, Rotarians, Lions, Sarawak Energy, Petroleum Operating Company (KPOC), Borneo Post and NIEW International Forum.

In 2004, she published a book entitled “Self-empowerment” which went on to become the No.1 best seller in May 2005.She further augmented this publication with online casino 36 CDs as digital updates.

Her collaboration with media agencies has enabled her to share her insights (acquired through deep meditation) on how to living a happy life come what may. On these platforms she has shared numerous examples of how anyone can  dance to the rhythm of any song that Life throws at them.

Over a span of two decades, she has appeared on RTM TV1, TV 2, TV 3 and NTV7. She has been a guest speaker for several talk-back shows on RTM”s  Traxx FM. She has a regular live talk-show, every first Monday of the month, on RTM TV2 “Hello on 2.

On the basis of her outstanding service to society she was awarded a Datoship by the Sultan of Pahang in 2009.

She has now a program on “Self-Empowerment” series on RTM, Traxx FM, Mondays to Fridays at 10.03 am. She has a weekly Sunday column in Sabah Daily Express called the “Heart Talk” and a weekly Monday column, “Be Light”, in theSun in Kuala Lumpur. For all her efforts (she is 75) she was awarded a second Datoship by the Sultan of Perak in April, 2011.