Journey to Spirit

In this series of Journey to Spirit, Losita share her story that spark her journey on to the spiritual path that also moved her to write her first book.

What is Journey to Spirit? Listen on and see how it resonate with your heart..

About: Losita Bhattacharya

Losita is a spiritual coach and an author, based in Singapore. Her book, Shifting into Tao : In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons, unveils the process and phases of the shift in consciousness from Identity Consciousness to Oneness. She also reads the Akashic Records and channels a Group of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings.

Losita also conducts a series of Workshops called Journey to Spirit. Both workshop series are designed to blend spiritual wisdom with practical tools in what she calls TRIGGER SESSIONS as everything outside of us are triggers to support us in our inner work and our inner journeys.Losita went through her spiritual shift rapidly with minimal outside support.

Through her shift, she was guided to write down her experiences as a process of a natural shift in consciousness, which she later converted into her book and her workshop series.To provide support for everyone going through their shift in consciousness, she has co-created Ionearth has a free resource section that brings teachings and perspectives of spiritual masters and teachers from all over the world.

“The truth about who we are is simple. It may not be easy to embody when we complicate it with our thoughts, or when we see it from the perspective of EGO. It is however simple and effortless.” ~ Losita