The ‘Experience Junkie’ Queen

Lina_TeohLina Teoh, Beauty Queen, Model, Actress, Documentary Film-maker and Producer.

In this exciting edition of “Inspiring People”, we interview former Malaysian beauty queen, Ms. Lina Teoh and she shares her experience as one of the only Malaysians who has reached the top 3 of the Ms.World international beauty pageant and also shared her personal & honest thoughts about that experience and some interesting side stories from the perspective of a former beauty queen.

Lina also shares her life’s journey from beauty queen to documentary film-maker in which she has over the past 5 years, Lina has produced and directed world-class documentaries for international broadcasters such as the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

Her production credits include the award winning “Great Apes of Asia with Michelle Yeoh” (Producer, 2009), “A Leaders Legacy: Tun Abdul Razak”, “The Lion Dance King” and “Mega Structures: Smart Tunnel”. Her latest project called “Haze Hell over Asia” recently aired over the History Channel.

A self-proclaimed “Experience Junkie”, she shares her passion for life and her own personal mission to better herself every time in this very frank and ENEGERTIC interview with host, Mr. Yellowshorts @ Nicholas Chan.

PS. This interview was so energetic that Nicholas and Lina had to be asked to toned down their voices and laughter as it was affecting recording in an adjacent studio…true story!