Pain Management the Yap Way

We’ve been introduced to Wong Fei Hung and his Po Chi Lam through movies, yet right at our doorstep there is a family with similar linage that combines both martial arts and pain treatment.

Today we speak to Yap Yen Tse the CEO of YAPCHANKHOR Pain Treatment Centre, he took over the management from his father Yap Chan Khor and rebranded a 85 year old, very Chinese-centric form of treatment to a modern centre; blending the use of physiotherapists – providing the best of both the East and West.

The Back Story

Around the year of 1909, Huo Yuanjia also known as Fearless, had setup the Chin Woo style. Upon his death, a few disciple was earmarked to spread the Chin Woo spirit and this include Yap Feng Tze, he brought in his nephews, Yap Shu Tian and Yap Shu Xiang to play a teaching role.

Yap Shu Tian, together with four other masters from Shanghai Chin Woo, established Chin Woo academies in Southeast Asia. Embraced by the growing Chinese community in Kuala Lumpur, Shu Xiang also came along to help his brother to teach.

When both brothers passed away, their youngest brother Yap Shu Shen took over the teaching at Chin Woo. He was a school teacher at Confucian School in Kuala Lumpur, Yap Shu Shen also inherited the knowledge of treating martial arts injuries. Once he also treated the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia then for back pain.

Upon the passing of Yap Shu Shen, his son, Yap Chan Kor who also inherited the skill began treating all forms of physical injuries and started his own clinic Tabib Yan Chan Khor.