Swimming Olympian Cai Lin

Khoo Cai Lin, Malaysian National Swimmer & Record Holder

In this edition of “Inspiring People”, we speak to Cai Lin who is currently one of Malaysia’s top competitive swimmer and has represented her country to the Olympic games in Beijing. In this interview, she shares her journey as a budding young swimmer who came into the sport out of circumstance and has now progressed to the realm of high performance swimming on a global level.

She also talks about her life as a national athlete shedding light into the difficult yet fulfilling life of a career athlete and their many trials and challenges they have in life. Cai Lin shares moments of despair and hope with us and inspire.fm thank her for sharing such insightful thoughts into her life.

She is currently awaiting news for her inclusion into the Olympic squad to the London 2012 games and we wish her all the best in that endeavor.