Justin & The Rich Dad

In our inaugural Turning Green show we will be introducing our co-host Justin Wong. The Green Sugar Merchant (Chris Tan – the other host) drilled Justin to see what make him tick as an entrepreneur plus how Rich Dad influenced him. Also take home some gems on working with friends justcougars.

So who is Justin? Here’s a snapshot

Justin is an adventurous chameleon – believing in taking calculated risks and sheer adaptability in this rapidly evolving world. From studying engineering to pursuing his passion for marketing in an MNC and finally taking his leap into entrepreneurship, he co-founded Berry Square (fb.com/berrysquareMY) and is now also a senior partner in DCL Consulting Group Sdn Bhd and provides strategic and marketing planning to companies. Justin spends much of his time in social media circles picking on his musical curiosity, getting his tickle on and seeking worldly views.