Walk the Talk Series: Edmund Bon

Who is Bon? Edmund Bon. TheNutGraph introduces Edmund as a reformasi-generation lawyer-turned-human-rights-activist. The young handsome guy is a real mover and championed many human rights activities. Under his wings are UndiMsia, a voters’ education movement; MyConstitution campaign to encourage Malaysians to understand up the constitution and LoyarBurok blog. 

At the PusatRakyat LoyarBurok, young people gather weekly to participate in activities to help nation building. One signature activity is the #idolademokrasi where young people gather, identify a possible problem and brainstorm for possible solutions.

His years of activism also landed him in trouble. He was charged for participating in an illegal assembly, he claimed trial and was released on bail. However, his determination and spirit were not dampened by that incident. Genuinely a “Walk the Talk” man, he inspires many young people to also walk along with him.