Story of a Kampung Boy: If He Can, You Can! Part 1

Ismail’s family in Kampung Labok

This is a story of a true and true kampung boy, Ir. Ismail Omar. Born to abject poverty in 1939, Kampung Labok, Kelantan. His first exposure to the English Language was only at the age of 11. Subsequently becoming the top student in the state, completing his pre-university at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur and finally graduating in engineering from the University Of Brighton,U.K in 1965.replica panerai watches  Currently an electrical designs and safety consultant, member and former vice-chairman of MENSA and President of Malaysian Soduku Society. Discover the inspiring and fascinating journey of this typical Kampung Boy,

En. Ir Ismail Omar and how he overcame many obstacles, challenges and prejudices of the day to achieve success.