ACIM for Work Life: You are Free to Believe What You Choose

You do what you do because of what you observe in your surroundings. You learn from the people around you, what is right and what is wrong.  Many a times, you don’t question the things you think is right but somehow feel something is wrong after having done it for many years.  For example, the believe that you need to fight or struggle to win.  This is the consciousness that is apparent in business, in sales and in work.  Where does this consciousness come from?  The consciousness that induces such action such as cutting your price, copyright infringement, providing inferior quality products etc.  Such actions, to someone who thinks that they are right to do so, will continue to create such business acts. Where did they learn that from?  They learned all these from their past experiences.  Your past experiences, as Buddhists would have called it, your karma, that mold the person you become.

Here is what the Course says, “You are free to believe what you choose”. If you believe that life has to struggle and you need to fight to win, that everyone in business is also in competition with you, then “what you do attests to what you believe.”

Until one day, when you sit down, getting tired of all these struggles and grasping in life, and you start to think. Is life to be lived this way? Is it worth it? That’s where you are now ready to get inspired to the real things in life. You want peace, you want happiness and you want to create win-win business deals.