Creating Your Ideal Relationships, Even if You Are Already In One!

What if your partner isn’t what you thought they were?  How can a person change the results of their current relationship?  What if it really is all my partners’ fault?  How can I change our relationship to something better?

All of this and more as Kum Gheng and Jana uncover some of the mysteries of manifesting a dream relationship even if you are already in one.  We touch on why we keep experiencing the same behavior and relationships over and over again in other people, what we need to do to change, and even the neural pathways that unconsciously have us honing in on what we don’t want!

In the end, this segment is all about ‘working it out with the other person vs. working it out with yourself first.’ For things to change, first I must change ~ in order to create a positive relationship, even out of a negative one, we always begin with ourselves first.  Because Life is Effortless.