For the Little David in Tony

First, he was a disillusioned high power music man in the record industry heading out. Then the unlikely journey started, almost fairy tale like! The Malaysian answer to Richard Branson, he jumped into the unknown; paying RM 1 for a debt ridden single jet Air Asia, Tony Fernandes the little David that he is fearlessly took on the Goliath of MAS and SIA. Everyone can fly is NOW a reality and he single handily repositioned and renewed confidence of the mass to internet transaction in “freakonomic” fashion. Tony is now a living legend in the F1 circuit and Premiership Football with his best position as the ultimate underdog!

There are two types of entrepreneurs according to Chris, the quietly mysterious and the loudly transparent. Both Branson and Fernandes belongs to the latter of which the Tan in Chris can closely associates to.

Believe the Unbelievable, Dream the Impossible and Never take NO for an Answer!