Mythbusting Success – Is It What It Is?

Photo by: Gareth Williams, Westerham Pub Wall

Have you ever went through phases of life, chasing goals, hitting targets, pursuing that ever illusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and when you finally get it you wonder to yourself, “Is this it?”. Then you wonder what was it you were going after all that time – Is it the fame? The intelligence? The experience? Perhaps the power? Oh and let’s not forget the race to the bank!

And yet we hear that the majority of people who hit jackpots end up worse than whence they began?

In this episode of Turning Green, the MIG attempt to bust the myth of what it does and does not mean to be successful starting from the essence of it all – the attitude one must possess in defining success. Listen in for some soul searching to find out an easy step on how to find your purpose.

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