Wizard and Warrior

In this very emotional and inspiring Moments with Yellowshorts, we bring you a truly inspiring woman who has survived the greatest of odds, trials and tribulations to emerge a successful women determine to change the face of education.

In this segment of Positive Parenting, we speak to Ms. Teoh Poh Yew who is an educationist, author, trainer and speaker who has travelled the globe training and inspiring teacher, educators and students alike in how to enjoy and learn Mathematics the fun way, stemming from her own personal experience as a lifelong teacher and parent, Poh Yew has certainly made her mark on the world, not only in Malaysia but all the way to the Americas, Europe and all over Asia; spearheading a movement to enable and empower students and teachers alike to learn & teach better.

Alas Poh Yew’s personal life has also been fraught with its fair share of tragedy, hardship
and obstacles; starting with the death of her husband, having to spend time away from her own children playing the role of the sole breadwinner and also suffering from numerous debilitating illnesses.

This interview truly highlights the inspiration and drive of one woman to beat the odds, even under such cruel twists of fate and circumstance. Poh Yew will share in this segment, her life’s story thus far, her efforts to maintain a relationship with her children over long distances, sharing tips on how to get along with in-laws and also very crucial parenting tips which will benefit us all.

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