You had Me at Hello

Jana and Kum Gheng delve headfirst into how to manifest relationships and why some relationships fail.

One of the questions asked is “Where are you coming from when you enter your relationship?”  Are you entering your relationship because it is the right time?  Because you don’t want to be lonely?  Perhaps you are looking for your other half?  Or are you creating a relationship because it would be nice to have someone to share your wholeness and completeness with?  The answer to this question could mean the making or breaking of an intimate relationship with someone you love.

Some keys and tips Jana gives are to focus on what you like in the relationship.  If you notice your focus swaying more to what isn’t working, switch it and begin noticing and appreciating all the nice little things your partner is doing instead of what is wrong.

And most importantly, the principle of Responsibility comes into play very strongly in relationships.  By taking responsibility for your own feelings, perceptions, emotions AND results, and not blaming, shaming or justifying why you feel this way or who caused it gives you a position of power.  When in a space of responsibility you remember that you are the creator of your life and relationship ~ your partner is not responsible for how you feel.  Only you are.  And this is one of the biggest keys in maintaining a successful, loving and lasting relationship.

“Only through 100% responsibility can a person come fully into power and create that which is desired.  The key is to realize what the problem is and how to rectify it.” ~ Jana Moreno

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