Dr Billy Kueek: Zero to Infinity

In this edition of Inspiring People, we have the privilege to have international trainer, speaker, author and NLP Master Trainer, Dr. Billy Kueek with us.

Dr. Billy Kueek is Asia’s most sought after speaker and trainer, Billy is one of the first Asian speakers to break-through the circuit typically dominated by western trainers on an international scale. Billy has shared the stage with other renowned speakers including Emmy Award-winning TV producer and accomplished speaker Bill Stainton, President of the National Speakers Association (2004-2005) Scott Friedman and award-winning keynote speaker and bestselling author W Mitchell.

In this interview, Billy shares his personal story of his life from his childhood days as a failing student, struggling corporate trainer to finally taking up the mantle of inspiring and developing the lives of many. Dr. Billy’s story epitomizes the human desire to succeed, to continuously learn and improve, create patterns and structures of excellence to replicate the success over and over again. Billy also shares some interesting insights during the interview such as the Parable of the Pencil.

We hope you enjoy our little chat with a man who lives his personal maxim of “Transforming People, Inspiring Lives!”