ACIM for Work Life: Your Truth is What You Perceive

Have you been told that, as a woman, you have to be married and bear children before you reach 30? Has everyone around you talked about retirement as if everyone after 60 will need the same financial investment and will experience the same fate? Finally, having accepted that to be true, you frantically grasp for a married partner because time is ticking? And you will prepare for the ‘better life’ you perceive to be true after 60.

Think about it, when everyone you meet tells you that the economy is down and you choose to accept that it is true, wouldn’t you do everything to make it true for you? Would you start to hoard your money? Would you cut corners to minimize costs? Would you be so paranoid that you start counting your balance instead of counting your blessings?

Look at the situation and check what you could have gained from the economy downturn. You have less clients, you have more time. More time to spend with your kids and family. More time to pursue a hobby you have put it at the back of your mind. More time to stop and smell the roses. You have less to spend, but more to mend a tired spirit. Feel refreshed with less. Learn to appreciate all the abundance you have in life and enjoy them. Now you are rested and ready for more. You will see that every cloud has indeed a silver lining, which has always been there, but eluded due to your anxiety. Look over the rainbow, there shines the pot of gold … and let this be true for you!