Celica Chew: Rebel with a Cause


How many of us has managed to fulfill and lived out our greatest dreams even with insurmountable odds and objections from family?

In this segment on Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas Chan speaks to Celica Chew, a professional dancer who defied the odds and objections of his family to become one of Malaysia’s foremost hip-hop dancer.

Like every young university student, Celica was looking for inspiration in his life and found it in the arena of dance and pursued it with passion; training countless hours to hone his skills and emerged as Champion twice in 2009 and 2011 with his crew Kartoon Network held by Astro Battleground; even managing to compete amongst the world’s best in Las Vegas.

But all was not rosy on his journey to stardom as he faces objections from the very people he needed the most support from; his parents. A cold war ensued between the young Celica and his parents as he struggled to find his place and footing in his dreams. Listen as he recounts those very hard days where he would go to extremes to save money.He is now a successful and very sought-after dance choreographer, instructor and with his new company, Hyperactive Entertainment is taking his talents to the commercial arena and is doing very well.

Performance by Celica and his students from Hyperactive Entertainment

Celica’s story epitomizes the human need to achieve their personal dreams whatever the cost, instead of regretting with an indecision later on in life. A young man with the courage to live his life the way he wants to.

On a side note, this particular recording marks the first time Moments with Yellowshorts will feature a new co-host to the show, Ms Sheryl Ho; a long time listener & follower of inspire.fm. Sheryl will drop by from time to time to co-host in our show and we wish her a warm welcome to the Charge Me Up team!