Consciously Creating Business

Jana Moreno and Kum Gheng dive head first into Consciously Creating Business while highlighting some of the big issues business has to offer.  Covering topics such as money and the fear of failure, Jana and KG highlight the things that hold people back in creating their ideal circumstances, how to identify it and how to let it go.  Once this is done, the fun part begins as you can begin creating your ideal clients and other fun topics.  Listen in to get greater distinctions in creating business, whether you are just starting up or already have one running.
A driven entrepreneur, writer, speaker/trainer and mother, Jana Moreno has lived in Malaysia since 2006 and has been invited to speak in colleges in Kuala Lumpur, including the Malaysia Institute of Art and is in the process of co-authoring two books in two different countries. She has been featured on BFM 89.9 twice and has given talks and workshops that have supported many in releasing the very limitations that hold them back professionally.

Her beauty, grace and presence are as evident as her passion for her work that is designed to support people and organisations in breaking through their limitations using different techniques. She then gracefully leads them to a place of empowerment and well-being, leaving with them tools they can use to improve their professional life and their personal life as well.

“Only through 100% responsibility can a person come fully into power and create that which is desired.  The key is to realize what the problem is and how to rectify it.” ~ Jana Moreno

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