Failure is Not an Option! Sure?

Failure is the mother of all Success

The Men in Green – Agent C and Agent J is out to bust the myth on failure in the Turning Green show.

To the contrary, failure is always an option for entrepreneurs! Don’t make it so scary that you even rule that out from your analysis as the real entrepreneur makes the most out of any circumstances including failure. Failure is only seasonal at best and what defines YOU lasts forever!

Success has always been portrayed like an elevator ride in common perception, rising to stardom is always like the magical shooting stars that grace the dark sky. This has driven a great fear in failure if you don’t know where to land and what would happen when you are no longer the flavour of the month.

That is why it is useful to think of success as climbing a mountain and the message is simply “focus on your next step and take one step at a time, this way you will be celebrating all the way to the finishing line!”

If you cannot enjoy the journey, you cannot enjoy the destination.