Inspiring Sabahans Through Effective Political Leadership Part 1

It has been reported that the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) conducted by the Performance Management And Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) has made a big impact on the lives of many Sabahans and Malaysians. Some of the NKRA’s that has been rolled-out and benefited Sabahans are, Rural Basic Infrastructure, Low Income Households, Crime, Improving Students Outcome, etc. If this is the case than why is the public perception on many issues such as politics, government, economics, crime, etc. still remains low?replica chopard watches  Do negative perceptions contribute to low inspirational levels among citizens of a country, hence contributing to low moral, motivation, productivity, etc.? Our sincere hope is that this interview will not end up like what this proverb suggests, ‘ A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.’ Which simply means, It is pointless to give hints and signals to a person who refuses to acknowledge them.

In the first part we look at some of the critical areas that effects inspirational levels of citizens.

This interview features two well known personalities from Sabah.
Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Simon Sipuan, who served as Sabah State Secretary, Chairman State Public Service Commission, Vice- Chairman Human Rights Commission Of Malaysia, member of MACC Advisory Board, founding member of ‘Demokrasi Sabah’ (DESAH) and I’m Certain the list doesn’t stop here.

Ronnie Klassen, who is an entrepreneur for the last 30 years, involved in politics for the last 17 years, an agent for change and Deputy-Chairman of DESAH.