Innovative Social (media) Movements

In this age of 140-character tweets, Facebook Wall messages, reblogs on Tumblr, and Likes on instagram… there’s no way of escaping the power of social media.

If you’re thinking of being a “Social Media Manager” or a “Social Media Consultant”, don’t tell Kal Joffres, our guest for this week. As he puts it, “Social Media Managers are so 2011!”.

Kal knows a thing or two about incorporating social media as part of his work. But don’t get it wrong, he does more than just tweeting or updating a Facebook page.

He is the force behind some of the most innovative campaigns that intergrate social media platforms to create social movements.

In 2011, he unveiled the Women:100 MANifesto, a set of commitments men make towards building a better future for women. As part of the campaign, the website will provide challenges that could turn into real-world action.

Just a couple of months ago, Kal launched the Do Something Good campaign. The aim is to connect volunteers and NGO’s via its website to turn a web-based initiative into real-world actions.

Kal graduated from McGill University in business and philosophy. Kal is currently Director at the Tandem Fund, a venture fund that invests in social enterprises in the health, housing, and food sectors. Kal also sits as Director at Tandemic, Tandem Fund’s consulting arm specialised in building communities and social movements for brands and nonprofits.

Follow him on Twitter: @kaliper or add him on Facebook