motivationMY Show: Sheryl’s Best Advice

This is motivationMY inaugural show featuring Sheryl Ho Su Lynn. She may seem like your ordinary, nonchalant 26 year old, but once you’ve added her on twitter or Facebook, you’ll come to realize that she isn’t your typical 26-year old female… and that is the very reason why she is The motivationMY Show’s very first guest!

A person who’s always out and about, Sheryl’s day job is in the field of Public Relations. But that’s only during the day. She also is a part-time dance instructor, and part of the motivationMY team (recently recruited, I might add!).

Her passion is getting to know people and what pushes them. Being a fitness junkie herself, she thrives on motivation and encouragement, which led her to the two platforms that consolidate them both – motivationMY and Sheryl has been a supporter of motivationMY almost since its inception, leading her to having her own column on the motivationMY blog. On it, she shares her thoughts about random issues that boggle her mind, and sometimes, even questions her own thoughts through her posts.

As quirky as she may sound, her online and offline persona reflects her as a whole and she doesn’t hide herself behind her online persona.

This conversation will bring you back to Sheryl’s childhood and the experiences she has gone through to be where she is today and what is to come in the future.

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