The Power of the Mind Heals

The mind can help heal disease?

In 1951, Dr Albert Mason called upon to help a 16 year old boy who was suffering with an extremely bad case of ichthyosis. This is usually a hereditary condition in which the patient”s body was almost covered in a thick, smelly, black layer of hard, dried skin which often oozed with a bloody serum. He had suffered this condition since birth and conventional medicine had failed to help him.

On two occasions he had been given skin graft operations but each time the new skin flared up like the rest of his body. At a hospital in East Grinstead in Sussex, in front of a dozen skeptical doctors, he hypnotized the boy and online casino nederlandsegokken gave him suggestions that his left arm would become clear. Five days later the blackened skin became crumbly and fell off to reveal underneath, reddened but otherwise normal skin.

Ten days later the boy”s arm was clear. Dr Mason proceeded to use power of suggestion on the other parts of the boy”s body, achieving remarkable results and the case was reported in the British Medical Journal for 1952.

Three years later Dr Mason wrote a follow up article reporting that the results appeared to be permanent.

The creative power of thought is the greatest power of all. In parting thoughts “A man can talk himself to happiness or unhappiness; in to failure or success.”