Tag Team: Dot Creative Design


Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. It would be ideal to start your journey with a partner to keep you company be it your best friend, spouse, siblings, even your business acquaintance that share your values. Be the Batman and Robin that strikes fear in the villains in Gotham City or the next Wright Brothers to show the world how to fly.

The essence behind all the best double acts in n the world is trust as well as the complimenting attributes of the partners. This is precisely the problem why most of the successful entrepreneurs today are all lonely hunters on their own. Beyond the hardship of the initial journey, the Partners should also need to trust in good time.


As MIG is a tag team, we take pride in exploring a variance of tag team entrepreneurs starting with Dot Creative, the best friends that have started the business of three and now a formidable duo that lead a team of aspiring artists doing awesome work including the logo of our very own inspire.fm

You can check out their portfolio here.