ACIM for Work Life: To Know Is To Be Certain

Is ignorance, bliss? Or is ignorance more of laziness? You didn’t want to learn the Truth. Learning makes you tired. After all these years of being spoon-fed about what life should be, you are just darn tired of doing your own thinking. Thinking is hard work. You would rather opt for a magical pill, once swallowed, everything will be just fine. Did the pill last? Obviously not. You have remained angry, depressed, jealous, unhappy, unhealthy and things are not looking good for you.

Ignorance means that you are unaware, uninformed. Is being uninformed, blissful? If this is true, you wouldn’t have lost faith in your healing when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. When you are uncertain, you would compromise on your trust. You will not know that there is a greater power at work. If you know and you are certain, you will want to rest your head and surrender to Its magnanimity.

Do you waver when your heart say ‘Go!’? When you know so steadfastly the Voice that speaks to you and will open doors of opportunity for you, would you still succumb to your leg and say ‘No!’? The time has come for everyone to learn the Truth. The Truth that never changes, and “what is all-encompassing can have no opposite”.

When you are certain, you gain strength. There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. You are already given all the tools to accomplish what you are here to do.