Distinctions in Creating Business & Self

Jana Moreno and Suzanna Khan work on Suzanna’s business and how to develop a clear end manifestation.  Jana and Suzanna get clearer on what it is Suzanna wants to see with her online magazine called sussedonline.com and visits the principle “Clarity leads to power.”  What do you want your business to be?  Where do you see it going?  What do you want it to be in your clients’ eyes?  How do you want people to see it?

Having a big desired end result is good, but filling in the gaps with little mini-conscious creations can tend to be easier for people.  Because where we are and where we want to be might be too big of a jump which causes emotional discord.  Jana goes on a rant to support Suzanna in creating her ideal end picture and gives an example of a rant for her:  a rant being a discussion where you stand in the space of already having what it is you desire.