The Hand of Virgo Meditation

The Omnilight Show had the pleasure to record the guided meditation by International Spiritual Teachers, Authors & Facilitators, Alexandria & Paul Walsh-Roberts at Lightworks centre, KL, to join in the powerful healing energies of the star Spica, on 22 August 2012.

August 22nd marks an astrological turning point in 2012 when the healing energy of Virgo is focused through one of the brightest stars in the night sky, Spica, known as ‘The Hand of Virgo’.

The benefits of Alexandria & Paul’s guidance are enjoyed by people of all walks of life including celebrities, high-profile individuals, decision-makers and corporations, in countries and cultures all around the world.

Benefit from the healing energy of the star Spica, often considered to be the blue star that Nostradamus and the Maya believed to be crucial in the events of 2012.

Feel the powerful connectedness between Saturn, the planet of Wisdom, Mars the planet of Action, and the Moon, the planet of Emotional Healing when all align with Spica. Gain understandings of how to take healing action in your own life and support yourself through the fast-moving changes of 2012.

Alexandria & Paul Walsh-Roberts

For more on Alexandria and Paul head on to their website.