Organic Farming and Hari Organik CETDEM

Organic food or vegetable is gaining popularity among the mass as everyone is moving towards healthier living, thus organic farming is also seen as a growth area. Today we speak to Anthony Tan, the Executive Director of Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia on organic farming, one of the key programmes that CETDEM have embarked on since 1987 with a famr in Sungai Buloh and have now move to an urban setting with the set-up of the CETDEM Organic Farming Community Centre based in SS19.

One of the key activity that CETDEM organised to promote organic farming is the Hari Organik which Anthony will also touch on in this podcast.

Founded in 1985, CETDEM is an independent, non-profit, training, research, consultancy, referral, and development organization. It is committed to improving environmental quality through the appropriate use of technology and sustainable development. For more information please go to CETDEM’s website or their Facebook.