Can Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Help You?

What exactly is Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy? There have been numerous misconception towards hypnosis and today Kum Gheng speak to Peter Mabbutt the Global CEO and Director of Studies at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis on the true essence of hypnotherapy and the courses available in Malaysia.

Peter trains hypnotherapy students to Masters degree level and regularly runs workshops for medical and hypnotherapy professionals around the world. Between 2009 and 2010 he co-wrote the hugely successful Hypnotherapy for Dummies, Self-Hypnosis for Dummies and Personal Development All In One for Dummies. He is also Literary Editor for the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. Peter heads a team that is developing clinical placements for hypnotherapists in various hospital departments throughout the UK, Malaysia and Singapore.

For more information on London College of Clinical Hypnosis check their website