The Gentlest of Gentle Births

Barbara with a new mother she helped experience a water labor in Istanbul, Turkey

In the inaugural broadcast of, we featured the story of Robert and Grace and the birth of baby K Jin through water birth at home. For this podcast, Kum Gheng managed to speak to Barbara Harper, the founder of Waterbirth International and get her insight on this alternative and gentler form of birthing.

Barbara Harper, a former obstetric and neonatal nurse, is a midwife, doula, childbirth educator and writer. An internationally recognized expert on water birth and childbirth reform, she teaches and consults within hospitals, universities and community groups worldwide. She is the author of Gentle birth choices book and DVD and producer of Birth into being: the Russian waterbirth experience. Her next book, Secrets of Successful Waterbirth: How to Help Women Get into Hot Water, will be ready in 2012. Barbara has dedicated her life to helping heal the way we welcome babies into the world and to help parents and providers understand the benefits of warm water immersion during labour. The mother of three adult children (two youngest sons born at home in water), she lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

This podcast was made possible by Ann Ibrahim of My BIDAN and Kate Henderson, we will like to thank them for arranging the interview during Barbara’s visit to Kuala Lumpur for workshops.

For more information do visit her website Waterbirth International and Gentle Birth Guardians