DSG – GOLD Generating Opportunities for Learning Disabled

In the continuing series on Do Something Good, we have GOLD. Not the glittery gold that have everyone is craving to have but something that assist the learning disabled to be stand on their own two feet. Hoong Ling have Mary Chen, Secretary of the organisation and Brenda a volunteer in the studio to share what they do and stand for.

GOLD is an acronym for the vision and the principle objective of the Association of Learning Disabilities, District Petaling, Selangor. GOLD is now a registered short name for the Association.

GOLD was first established as an unregistered organisation in 2000 by a group of volunteering parents and teachers of Special Class of SMK Bandar Sunway.

In 2007, GOLD was most privileged to be accepted to be a part of 3C of Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ). On March 2011, GOLD made a significant milestone when its registration was approved by the Registrar of Society.

The general objective of the complex is to provide facilities and support for learning and planned training programmes for the development of children, youth and adult.

GOLD general objectives are:

To reinforce skills learn during the school curriculum

To enhance vocational, recreational and life skills training programs

To initiate work and social opportunities for Learning Disabilities

To involve parents, teachers, volunteers and the community thus creating awareness of the Learning Disabilities