DSG – SOLS 24/7

This segment of Do Something Good features SOLS 24/7 and Hoong Ling have Ms Kiranjit Kaur, General Manager Malaysia and Mark, a volunteer from England who is here with his wife Kirsten.

Founded in 2000, SOLS 24/7 is an International NGO that offers a comprehensive two-year training and boarding program on life-skills education for disadvantaged and at-risk youths from poor communities.

SOLS 24/7 builds its programs from the grassroots level. It partners with local NGOs to ensure its sustainability and smooth management transition. It advocates the Science of Life systems, learning modules developed and successfully proven to improve the lives of the youth-participants.

SOLS24/7 became the largest non-formal education provider in Cambodia & Timor Leste, establishing over 50 self-sustainable provincial centers taking in as much as 7,000 students a year. These training facilities sustain themselves by giving the youths responsibility in the preparation of meals and board requirements. These centers also contribute to the community by becoming involved in the delivery of basic social services such as medicines, carton food (food in cans), clothes, and carry out public awareness programs. SOLS 24/7 helps the youths and the local communities establish a network of social services.

SOLS 24/7 currently operates in 4 countries. Cambodia, Timor Leste, Malaysia and Laos and has a presence in Japan & Singapore.


Do Something Good uses the latest technology and social media as enablers to aggregate volunteering opportunities so it’s easy for volunteers-to-be to discover them. It allows volunteers to sign up via their social network and find relevant volunteering opportunities in their neighborhoods – thereby making it easier for individuals who are interested in helping out with causes. In order to further encourage volunteerism amongst the youth, volunteers in DSG are rewarded with virtual points and badges when registering for volunteering opportunities online.

DSG empowers the volunteers especially the youth by providing them with a fun and easier means of getting notified on the current volunteering activities NGOs are offering. Directions on the location for the areas of volunteer work are also provided online. Meanwhile, NGOs have a wider and greater access to volunteers throughout the country.

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