Eddie the Lawyer is eLawyer

From career as usual to business unusual, this is a story of a qualified risk adverse professional taking on the route least travelled as an entrepreneur. Learning from his difficult start to his desired legal career combining with his later exposure in information technology, this is the unique journey of Eddie Law of eLawyer.com.my, a portal designed to exclusively served a community of approximately 15,000 practising lawyers.

It’s a Blue Ocean in action as there is no direct competitor to eLawyer.com.my in the industry specific HR solution that Eddie and his team so passionately delivers on a daily basis. Just like the sniper approach of eLawyer.com.my, focus is the most important ingredient of Eddie’s success. Coupled with Eddie’s unique seasoning of being persistent in an almost religiously guided way, we serve to you a telling dish that will simmer in your taste buds for quite a while.