An Engineer to Supermodel

In the Moments with Yellowshorts show, Nicholas is used to interviewing inspiring and insightful people but nothing prepared our host to have the chance to speak to an inspiring and also one of the most beautiful man in Malaysia, Mr. Wilson Tan.

Wilson Tan is one of Asia’s top Male Supermodel, having won the title of Asia’s Top Male Supermodel in 2011 and Mercedes Benz STYLO Model of the Year 2012; Wilson is one of the most sought after male model in Malaysia and Asia.

The story of his journey to stardom and fame has been fraught with hardship, rejection and personal scorn; having been deemed too old to break into the fashion industry, Wilson nevertheless persevered and continued to dream harder than ever; in his own words, with a stubborn determination.

He faced personal scorn and ridicule from his conservative small-town family members, having hoped the qualified Chemical Engineer would take his career to the next level but rejecting him ultimately when Wilson decided to pursue the dream of being a male model.

His story comes full circle when his family was present during a ceremony where he was awarded the JCI Most Outstanding Malaysian Youth Award this year, marking a first for the fashion industry.

His story of stubborn determination and passion for his dreams coupled with his humble upbringing epitomizes the spirit of perseverance that should never be extinguished from our hearts, even under overwhelming pressure.

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