Power of 2 – Reon Schutte and Dr Billy Kueek

We are all given choices everyday, the choice of what we want to eat, what our careers will be, what car to purchase or even which school to send our kids?

What if the choices you had to make were those of Reon Schutte?

The choice of surrendering or suicide knowing you are about to be captured and tried as a spy?

The choice of feeling hungry or giving up the only food you have in exchange for pen and paper?

The choice of succumbing to 13 years of torture and isolation or continue to persevere and survive?

Reon Schutte had to live with these difficult choices every single day during his 13 year incarceration in the most notorious prison in Africa, being the only white Africaaner from South Africa among thousands of blacks, he fought prostate cancer over 7 surgeries under inhumane medical conditions, faced beatings on a daily basis; only to emerge a free man after an international petition won him his freedom.

Now he shares some aspects of his story in conjunction with the upcoming Power of 2 event in which Reon Schutte will tell his tale of hope and determination and prove to you that we have the Power of Choice in our hands.

While Dr. Billy Kueek shares his story and strategies on harnessing the same life-changing choices that Reon Schutte has to make and turning them into life-altering Powers of Change.

Billy is a world-renowned trainer and speaker, one of the only Master Trainers in NLP, Hypnotheraphy and Time-Line Therapy in Asia; he is one of Asia’s most dynamic speakers and trainers having trained international firms such as Singapore Airlines, Zeiss and many more.

Billy will also share his rags to riches story from which he changed his life around from a low-achiever to a person who has changed the lives of many of his participants.

He will share strategies and method during the Power of 2 event, guiding the audience through a life-changing journey of Choice and Change.

The Power of 2: Power of Choice Power of Change will be held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre on the 24 October 2012.

For tickets purchase you may contact 012-4349500 and