Conversations with Hisham Hamzah

Hisham Hamzah has answered a couple of questions on MotivationMY’s famous Question of the Day. His answers always surround around education and his personal views on the matter.

Having had our last conversation earlier with Dato’ Freida Pilus, we are glad to have with us, Hisham Hamzah, Business Studies Teacher and Director of Development of Cempaka Group of Schools. Having graduated with a major in Business Management, Hisham also found a passion in teaching. Marrying both his passions in business management and education, he continues to strive for a perfect education system. Standing in for Syafique Shuib, Hisham speaks to Sheryl Ho Su Lynn about what he thinks of the current education system.

Today, Hisham speaks of creative education and how to bring passion-based learning into our systems. Using analogies like the kiddie toy that one used to play as a child to depict the reality of the education system and how it is meant to be, shows that Hisham is one that also strives to educate his students in a similar manner. Hisham also mentions that passion-based learning, or university-format education should be brought into high schools.