Conversations with Shah Shamshiri

Syafique (left) and Shah Shamshiri hosting together

Interviewing Shah Shamshiri for the latest episode of The motivationMY Show was like chit-chatting with an old friend for host Syafique Shuib.

Together they’ve hosted and produced a morning talk show for a local news channel up until recently when they’ve decided to progress in separate directions, but still maintain their friendship.

Shah’s passion in the broadcasting world landed his first hosting gig in Europe a few years ago and he is currently the Executive Producer and Host for Anne Edwards & Company.

Beyond the realm of TV, Shah is also an award-winning lyricist, writer, and professional emcee. Yes, you can guess by now that writing and talking are his forte!

He has written for the likes of Sarimah Ibrahim (“Kini Kau Tiada”) and Faizal Tahir (“Mahakarya Cinta”). He started purely as a passion but decided to pursue writing lyrics seriously when he had been getting royalty cheques year after year.

He created history by being Cosmopolitan magazine’s first-ever male writer (across all international editions) when the monthly glossy launched its local edition in Malaysia.

How does this busy person chill, relax and unwind? By travelling around the globe and getting free stays, of course! (You have to listen to the interview for that tip!)

Shah’s advice is simple: Capitalize on your strengths and talent! Find what you’re really good at and start from there. Enjoy the podcast (because we had so much in the studio with Shah) and you can follow his fabulous life through Twitter: @shahshamshiri