The Magic of Angelic Reiki

We have all heard of Angels? How about Angelic Reiki? Kum Gheng met with Christine Core the co-founder during her visit in Malaysia. The podcast focussed on the origin of Angelic Reiki, the transition and how the Angelic presence is infused to the practice.

In the interview Christine also touched on Sacred Geometry and how the world in which we live is created in form by using the archetypes of the Divine which are held in Sacred Geometry.

  • Are you aware that every tree, blade of grass, and flower is created using Sacred Geometry?
  • Are you aware that your physical human body is created using Divine Proportion?
  • Are you aware that your consciousness is a spherical grid of electromagnetic energy that is also constructed based on Sacred Geometry?

For more on Angelic Reiki and Christine Core, go to the website here.