Phytobiophysics: The Medicine of the Future – Introduction

This is the first part of a 7 part series hosted by Li Yen to introduce Phytobiophysics: The Medicine of the Future. Joining her will be Moon Phytobiophysics practitioner and trainer.

Based on 30 years of research, Phytobiophysics® uses the vibrational energy of flowers and plants to balance the body’s electro-magnetic system. It follows the principles of vibrational medicine, Chinese acupuncture, the chakra system, colour and the philosophy of emotional trauma.

The twenty Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas and the ten Superfit Tree formulas are produced from the combination of thousands of plant essences collected from all over the world. Each one is formulated to resonate on specific frequencies according to the colour spectrum of the Rainbow. The formulas act as neurotransmitters and when ingested they instantly regulate the electro- magnetic frequency of the system being targeted. This encourages the body own innate ability to heal on a very deep level.

Guest host: Kong Poei Moon (Moon)

Has been practicing energy healing or Vibrational healing for the past 12 years. Currently work as full time Phytobiophysics practitioner and trainer under Phytobiophysics Sdn Bhd. Hold the post of assistant Secretary & chapter leader of Phytobiophysics® at Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine for term 2011/2012.  Recently been appointed as consultant for Phytobiophysics by the International Self Healing Research Institution, Hong Kong.

Apart from being qualified Phytobiophsics practitioner, trainer and Reiki master, also studied clinical hypnosis under London College of Clinical Hypnosis and graduate as Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis as well as Cognitive Behavior Hypnotherapy.

For more information you can visit Li Yen’s personal website or Phytobiophysics Malaysia