Poseidon Speaks and The Animal Guides

This is the second instalment on Poseidon Speaks and Kum Gheng have Sherwin Ng, a metaphysician healer, author and owner of House of Kite to share his insight on animal guides and also his connection with Poseidon.

Sherwin Ng has been spiritually-aware since age 4, when he requested to be sent to a temple to be ordained. Over twenty years later, his friend and now healing teacher, Sri Mulyadi, revealed through meditation that Sherwin was in fact a High Priest of Anubis during his past lives in ancient Egypt.

“At that instant, I felt my whole life click into place. Everything made clear sense suddenly.” He recalls that moment, where ‘everything he had learned so far had been preparing him for this’.

Sherwin has then trained extensively at the Isis Mystery School, founded by Elisabeth Jensen, and was initiated into the Isis lotus healing energies by Sri of The Blue Lotus, Singapore. In Egypt, further initiations were accomplished at the Temple of Isis in Philae Island, and the Temple of Amun Ra at Siwa Oasis. Now, drawing upon the wisdom and strength of the ancient Egyptian energies, Sherwin helps his clients with all levels of healing, physical wellness, real-life scenarios, and spiritual development.

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