The Dilemma of a Political Cartoonist

‘Kelab Kartunis Independen’ led by Malaysia’s very own iconic political cartoonist Zunar was at the Freedom Arts 2012 Festival and Dominic caught with them. They were in full force to promote the freedom of expression through cartoons.

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Many of the members are inspired by Zunar and wanted to develop their skills on how they could express their thoughts through cartoons. Dominic spoke to members Megat, Ahayat and Zunar himself.

After listening to their side of story, Dominic hope that you are inspired and will have a better understanding of the challenges a political cartoonist has to endure. At the Festival, visitors who are below 18 years old and have a passion for cartoons, Zunar & Gang gave tips and guided the young talent on how they could improve their skills in caricature and also how to visually capture the strange, funny and ironic things happening around you.