Freedom Arts 2012 Festival

Dominic”s first time visit to the Freedom Arts 2012 Festival and had him impressed.

The organizer KOMAS is a human rights NGO established in 1993 that uses creative and popular communication methodologies in raising the community awareness and advocacy. Freedom Film Fest”s first agenda has always been to provide a much needed platform for human rights activists to showcase, create awareness and advocate social justice causes.

Dominic took the opportunity to view 2 movies:

“Dilema Batu Paras” by Gede Sugiarta from Bali/Indonesia. The film is about Petanu river in Gianyor Bali and is the source of livelihood of many locals. replica vacheron constantin watches They work as labourers in the sandstone mines at the banks of the river. Nevertheless in buy viagra online the long term, this activity poses a threat to the sustainability.

“Perjuangan Orang Asli Lakom” by Shafie Dris. The filmmaker who is a member of the Jahut tribe in Pahang. The film tells how they lost the rights to their land.

The highlight event is the premiere of the 3 human rights documentaries produced by winners of the FFF film proposal competition held earlier this year with the theme, Democracy: Who”s The Boss? For the premiere many “Big Shots”fake franck-muller watches  were present including H.E. Vincent Piket, Ambassador, Head Of The European Union Delegation To Malaysia.

He spoke to the following personalities:

1. Anna Har Mei Yoke – Freedom Arts Festival Director

2. Filmmaker/Director Tricia Yeoh – “Rights of The Dead”

3. Filmmaker/Director Gede Sugiarta (Bali/Indonesia) – “SandStones Dilemma”

4. Filmmaker/Director Nadira Iliana (Sabah) – “The Silent Riot”

5. Lingua Coordinator Seelan Palay (Singapore) –

Volunteers for the Freedom Arts Festival