Play with a Dramatic Twist

This episode of The motivationMY Show talks about ‘Play!’, a corporate training programme with a dramatic twist!

Host Syafique talks to Joanna Bessey, Course Director of Enfiniti Academy and the master trainer for the programme Amsalan Doraisingam. Enfiniti Academy is part of the Enfiniti Vision Media. Its group president is of course the award-winning Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina.

Instead of using the usual powerpoint and speakers, participants are introduced to a theatre-based programme.

It is about building self-confidence, feeling positive about your boss, your colleagues and more importantly, your attitude towards your job, workload and responsibilities.It is hoped that through the programme, companies will create a more positive and creative working culture, which some companies do need to implement.

It is also for young executives to stop job-hop because, well, they will love their job so much!

listen in to this Play-tastic podcast!