Conversations with Syilda Ismail

What does it take to get your dream job?

Syilda with Ramli Sarip

The right degree, check.

An impressive resume, check.

The right attitude, check!

2000 candidates waiting in line for the same job. Is that a check?

That’s what happened to our guest Syilda Ismail as she attended an audition by a local television channel ntv7 a few years ago.

Intimidated by the other candidates (2000 of them!), it didn’t help when the interviewer told her that she didn’t have any experience or was she a journalist. Nevertheless, the ever determined Syilda said, “One day I’m going to co-anchor the news with you” to the interviewer.

Only two candidates got the job (it’s obvious who was one of them!) but she didn’t get to anchor the news right away. It took her a year before she got to be in front of the camera as a TV presenter. Nevertheless, during the 12-month period, she got to learn the behind-the-scenes aspect of the broadcasting world.

She’s done it all in the broadcasting role: read the news, hosted a live entertainment show, various red carpet events and a morning talk show. She has covered politics, economics, lifestyle, and entertainment. She has interviewed politicians, celebrities and the average men and women on the streets.

She has built her credibility and has moved on to other channels like Bernama TV and Capital TV. Her advice is for young graduates to know what they want and work towards achieving that. Ask yourself, “What do you really want to do? What are you really passionate about?”

In between managing artists and doing public relations, Syilda’s new mission is also to groom new talents so that these fresh faces will dominate the broadcasting industry. When she is not working, she is active on Twitter, so do follow her at @syildaismail.

Enjoy this fun episode of The motivationMY Show and remember that everything starts with a dream!