DSG – Yayasan Chow Kit

In the continuing series with Do Something Good, Hoong Ling have Ananti the Centre Manager for Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-kanak Yayasan Chow Kit and Su-ann a volunteer from Yayasan Chow Kit.

In 2006, what started out as an expansion of a government-run day care center, grew into a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre, providing meals, activities, therapy, case management, and educational programmes for at-risk children of Chow Kit.

Four years later, there are now additional two centres providing quality care and services to children ranging from babies to young adults.


Do Something Good uses the latest technology and social media as enablers to aggregate volunteering opportunities so it’s easy for volunteers-to-be to discover them. It allows volunteers to sign up via their social network and find relevant volunteering opportunities in their neighborhoods – thereby making it easier for individuals who are interested in helping out with causes. In order to further encourage volunteerism amongst the youth, volunteers in DSG are rewarded with virtual points and badges when registering for volunteering opportunities online.

DSG empowers the volunteers especially the youth by providing them with a fun and easier means of getting notified on the current volunteering activities NGOs are offering. Directions on the location for the areas of volunteer work are also provided online. Meanwhile, NGOs have a wider and greater access to volunteers throughout the country.

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